Topwater Fishing Lure Minnow Lure Fishing Baits with Treble Hooks Freshwater Saltwater Fishing Hard Bait Crankbaits


Color: 1PCS


  • Lifelike design features-Premium painting provide an incredibly realistic look,natural Looking 3D eyes and high reflective holographic finish to attract all predators.
  • Inner steel ball-Raise the throw distance,produce sound attracts the big predator,drainage hole on both side of the fish gills,can make more splash,wide concave mouth create more aggressive popping action that predator fish can't resist.
  • Deadly Temptation, Realistic swimming posture, natural and flexible, highly simulated real fish form, swimming active after entering the water, and Teasing big fish attack. makes it a prime target for hungry fish.
  • Wide range of use-Wonderful gift for anglers,can be used to in fishing many kind predator fishes such as perch,bass,muskie,pike,walleye,largemouth,smallmouth,perch,ect.Freshwater saltwater fishing lures.
  • Provide a variety of color options

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