Thin Outdoor Men's Raincoat

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Color: Black
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Size: One Size
Color: Army Green, Black, Dark Blue, Clear, Gray
Suitable heigh: 145-200 cm
Suitable weight: 35-100 kg
Product Parameters: Cap height 30 CM, Sleeve lenght 80 CM, Raincoat lenght 115 CM, Raincoat width 65 CM
Made of EVA eco-friendly material with reinforced stitching while being large enough to cover your arms, head and body.This reusable rain poncho is non-toxic, harmless, odorless, durable, tear resistant, quick dry and waterproof.Lightweight, soft and breathable.It can be reused.
Light And Compact It can easily be folded up to carry in a handbag or put into a rucksack and take up no space.
Suitable for adult men and women

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