SSGP 304 Stainless Steel Potato Masher

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  • The potato masher tool consists of a sturdy vertical gusseted wood handle, make it easier to use for arthritic hands. Broad mashing plate and strong grip handle allows easy mashing of potatoes under gentle pressure without any extra effort.
  • Stainless steel potato masher with solid wooden grip handle, the wooden handle makes gripping easier and preventing slippage this innovative potato masher is highly convenient for use thanks to its broad horizontal grip which makes applying pressure absolutely effortless.
  • The potato masher adopts high-quality design, without any dead corners, Stainless steel mashing plate and solid wooden handle of the potato masher are extremely easy for cleaning under tap water or mildly hot water.
  • Other than its solid structure and fantastic mashing ability, this kitchen masher is simple to access in your everyday life and leaving the pot clean. Hanging hole design, easy to store. It is the ideal apparatus for the kitchen.

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