Solar Led Light Watering Can

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Power Supply: Solar Energy
Material: LED, Iron
Color: Warm White

Working Time: lighting 7-8h. Charging 8-10h
Functionality: The solar lamp provides much-needed lighting and projects gorgeous projection
Automatic on/off: The light is automatically turned on at dusk and automatically turned off at dawn. Simply put it in a sunny place, let it absorb some light (about 8 hours), and expose it to warm and soft light for up to 6-8 hours. (Tip: There is an ON/OFF switch on the lampshade, please make sure you use it for the first time.)

Quick installation: Just open the lid, turn on the switch, and place or hang the light in any position
you need.

Solar light source: no power cord is needed, just install it in a sunny place! Solar panels use the
the energy of the sun to charge a 300mAh Ni-MH battery, which is highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Waterproof and rustproof: It is waterproof (IP44), heat-resistant, and can cope with various weather conditions. Do not immerse in water.

The shiny star shower is a unique decoration for gardens, courtyards, and the outdoors.It can delight in every season.

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