Smart Hula Hoop


Color: Pink


1. Adjustable waist, you can adjust the hoop according to your own waist .
2. The Hoop has a removable cutaway design, it is portable and you can wear this hoop anywhere you like.
3. The Hoop has a heavy hammer, you can add additional weight to the hammer, the exercise can be adapted to your physical condition and your desired resistance level.
4. The Ring has an electric counter, it records your exercise and shows the calories you burn.
5. Magnetic massage table, shape your waist line and massage muscles while exercising.
6. The hoop adjusts to the waist from 60 to 120cm.
7. This exercise does not require much space to perform, you can exercise at home in any room, so it is much more convenient than a traditional Hula Hoop.
8. Environmentally friendly materials used in production

Product Specification:

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 23.5cm 

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