SEVICH Toning Hair Shampoo - Purple & Yellow Blonde Shampoo, Removes Brass Tones

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  • Organic purple shampoo: based on the essence of violet, densely moisturizes the scalp and core during application, replenishes hair moisture and nutrition, repairs damaged hair from the inside out, flexible roots, and improves hair dry, frizzy and dull, the yellowing phenomenon enhances hair shine, makes hair damp and smooth, and shines bright.
  • Toning Hair Shampoo - Don't let your hair fade. You don't need to go to the salon often to change to another hair dye, you can wake up your hair color at home. Our purple shampoo and conditioner are guaranteed to keep your hair fresh.
  • Maintains hair color: SEVICH purple shampoo helps restore damaged hair and fragile locks. The non-bleaching formula in our purple conditioner helps maintain long-lasting colored hair (especially those with bleached or platinum blonde hair).
  • Strengthens the original hair color: not only repairs, but also hydrates. Stronger than traditional blonde shampoos, silver vivid purple hair shampoo.
  • Size: 100ML

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