Sevich Cherry Blossom Leave In Hair Mask Leave In Conditioner

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  • SEVICH Hair treatment mask, professional hair care, disposable travel suit. It can immediately change the texture of the hair, make the hair smooth, silky, easier to handle, and give the hair the most care while traveling.
  • Sevich Sakura flower essence, natural care. No-wash formula, just after washing hair, apply an appropriate amount of SEVICH Hair Mask and massage into scalp and hair until absorption is complete.
  • Daily damage repair. Daily use of hair wax and hair dye damage the hair. The mask adjusts hair oil, repairs, restores and strengthens brittle, damaged and over-processed hair to restore a healthy appearance while promoting natural hair growth.
  • 360 feet care: suitable for all hair types. Includes damaged hair, natural hair, and curly hair. Contains a variety of easily absorbed vitamins and nutrients. Redefines restorative hair.

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