Sevich Biotin Hair Growth Serum Day & Night

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Biotin, provitamin B5, Vitamin E ginger, ginseng, multiform multiform, grape seed oil and natural plants. Castor oil, coconut oil

The product is rich in polygonum multiform, ginger and biotin, which can effectively repair and heal damaged hair follicles, promote hair cell division and make hair grow. Restoration of hair follicle function is a long-term treatment process that requires long-term adherence to use and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Spray daily on affected and dry areas of scalp

2. Gently massage the solution into the scalp for 10-20 seconds. Don't wash or rinse your hair for at least three hours

3. For best results, don't rinse at night, rinse in the morning for best results. Use it daily.

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