Sanitas® SBM-22 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Title: Sanitas® SBM-22 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Product Brand: Sanitas®
Product Model: SBM-22 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Product Type: Blood Pressure Monitor
Product Condition: New


Quickly measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

The built-in alarm function also reminds you of regular blood pressure control. Your measurement results are immediately graded following the measurement by the colored scale and you will receive clear feedback.

Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement.

By pressing the start button of the blood pressure monitor, the measurement is started with automatic pressure pre-selection and air deflation. Measurement results are automatically saved. Errors in the application are reported and the measurement is not evaluated.

Arrhythmia detection

The blood pressure monitor can identify any heart rhythm disorders during measurement and may indicate it with a symbol after measurement.

Single and average values.

When retrieving the values, the average value of all stored readings of the user memory is displayed. Other average values but also individual measurements can be requested.

Classification of measurement results.

Using the coloured scale, the measurement results can be classified According to the table in the user manual, the bar graphic in the display and the scale on the device can be judged. This allows you to see which area the measured blood pressure is located.

Cuff size: 22 - 33 cm.

The upper arm cuff is suitable for upper arm circumferences of 22 - 33 cm. Now put the free end of the cuff tight but not too tight around the arm and close the Velcro fastener.

With cuff seat control.

For the measurement, it is important that the upper arm cuff is attached correctly and not too tight or too loose. For this reason, the cuff has a practical cuff seat control. The display shows you whether the cuff is correctly attached.

4 x 30 memory slots.

To save the values, there are four user memories, each with 60 memory slots. This means that the device can be used by several people for documenting the values. When retrieving the values, both single and average values can be displayed.

Two alarm times adjustable.

You can set two different alarm times to remind you to perform the measurement.

Easy to read display

The large LCD display makes it easy to read blood pressure and pulse. The display also shows the time and date.

With practical storage bag.

The device can be stored in the handy storage bag including the upper arm cuff after measuring for storage.

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