Sanitas® SBM-21 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Title: Sanitas® SBM-21 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Product Brand: Sanitas®
Product Model: SBM-21 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Product Type: Blood Pressure Monitor
Product Condition: New


Measure your blood pressure with accuracy with the Sanitas upper arm blood pressure monitor SBM21

The digital blood pressure monitor makes monitoring your blood pressure and pulse rate easy. Fully automatically, the SMB21 displays your results on the large easy-to-read LCD display at the push of a button. For quick and easy evaluation, your values are aligned to the color-coded risk indicator; identifying GREEN as optimum and RED as at risk. Keeping track of your values is easy as they are held in one of the four 30-space memory locations.

-Fully automatic measurement on the upper arm

-Large, easy-read display

-4 x 30 memory locations

-Average value calculation of the last three measurements

-Color classification of the measurement results

-Arrhythmia detection; Cuff position signal

-For upper arm circumferences from 22 - 36 cm

-Date and time; Automatic switch-off; Medical device

Reliable results from every measurement

The SBM21 from Sanitas has been awarded the seal of approval of the German High Pressure League. The German Hypertension League regularly checks blood pressure monitors for accuracy of measurement and awards a seal of quality to blood pressure monitors that meet the standards of the German Hypertension League. In addition, the blood pressure monitor holds the ‘GOOD’ test rating from ETM Testmagazin.

Practical functions: detects and warns of irregular heartbeat

During the blood pressure measurement, the SBM21 also measures your pulse rate. This enables the blood pressure monitor to identify possible disturbances of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and, if necessary, indicates this with a symbol after the measurement. If the symbol appears regularly, please contact your doctor.

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