Reusable Compressed Towels / 20PCS




Space Saving

  • Individual and independent packaging design is more convenient and quick to use, does not occupy your space, suitable for outdoor travel and personal care.

Easy to Use

  • In order to turn your coin into a usable towel, simply add water. Our unique design allows a 100ml of water to create an 24*30cm towel that you can use almost anywhere.

Individually Packaged as Candies

  • Convenient for your travel, business, and any emergency. Good for use in bathroom, kitchen, office, trip, camping, hotel, hydrotherapy center and any place you need it.
  • Do not consume!

Watch the Magic Happen

  • Great magic trick to entertain and clean. Just add water and watch the paper towel tablet grow!


  • Made from cotton
  • Size 24*30cm
  • Pack of 20 
  • Reusable  

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