Pictionary Junior Board Game

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Speed, not artistry, is the key to Pictionary Junior. The kids' version of the classic pictionary, which has been updated with hundreds of new words to draw, has hints and two levels of play.

There are 120 two-sided cards. One side is more challenging, and the other is easier-for younger players. Teams go head-to-head to guess the word their "picturist" draws within 60 seconds.

How fast can you draw an apple pie, an eyebrow, or a coin? It takes a quick hand and good guesswork to move around the game board from start to finish before the other team. A timer and easy-to-read instructions are included. For 3 or more players. Ages 7 and up.

Orange Junior Pictionary: 3 piece fit together puzzle board, thicker cardboard material. 


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