Happy Surprise Doll


Options: Single



9 Surprises in every ball!
Once unwrapped you will find a bag hiding the mystery doll. All baby dolls can drink water and spray water. Each Doll comes with clothes, shoes, glasses, milk bottle and some surprise trinkets. Each series has a style, Surprise models, fine beauty and limited edition. Each series contain 8% probability of a surprise mystery doll. Are you lucky enough to collect them all?

Sold Individually or in sets of 3!

Surprise Models:

  • Surprise baby 
  • Color changing clothes
  • Fashion shoes
  • Milk bottle

Fine Beauty:

  • Beautiful hair baby 
  • Color changing clothes/solid color clothes
  • Fashion shoes
  • Milk bottle 

Limited Edition: 

  • Variety hair type baby
  • Color changing clothes/solid color clothes 
  • Printed shoes
  • Hair brush 
  • Milk bottle 



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