Haeger Electric Juicer

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Color: Orange
€18,34 €24,45


Function: Electric juicer
power: 200W

  • Made of PP, ABS plastic, durable and sturdy. Lightweight plastic material, easy to clean after use. The machine has a capacity of 25W for stable, quiet operation and does not consume much power.
  • In particular, the product is equipped with a transparent container to help you observe the amount of juice inside. The outer protective cover and the inner extractor cover provide discreet protection, effectively preventing dirt and bacteria from entering. The thick, sturdy handle combined with the pouring mouth on the container helps you to carry out the operation of holding and pouring juice easily.
  • The machine is simple and gentle to use, you just need to gently press the piece of fruit placed on the cone to start the device to do the job of squeezing orange juice. 

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