Full-body Multi Functional Electric Chair Massager

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Weight: 10 KG
Applicable parts: Neck, Waist, Hips, Legs, Back
Gear: 3 Gears
Color: Black
Power: 85 W
Voltage: AC220 V, 50 HZ
Fit for: 150-190 cm ,
Height adjustment : Yes
Angle adjustment : Yes

Material : Cotton, ABS

Control: Handheld remote control
Massage heads: 8 heads and above
Shape: Multi-stage tower type

Heating Parts: Neck, Back, Waist, Buttocks, Legs, Feet
Massage technique: Vibration, Hot Compress, Massage, Kneading, Shiatsu
1.Neck: Warm massage heads rotary kneading.
2.Back&Lumbar:Thai pushing & rolling.
3.Feet: Warm massage heads kneading and scraping.
4.Vibration area: Back,waist, hip and calf.

Functions: The electric chair massager provides optional heat settings for soothing warmth to loosen stiff and tired muscles.
The rolling massage setting gently slides along the spine to eliminate muscle aches throughout the back.
The massage chair can be adjusted to help you relax and promote blood circulation. Meets the highest standards, durability and ultimate comfort. 
Pillow position is adjustable as well as the cushion and foot part is detachable,suitable for home,office.

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