ENZO UFO Mini Facial Massager with Mask


Color: Yellow


The Enzo UFO Mini Facial Massager combines advanced dermal technology with exclusive Dr Rashel face mask formulas for a decadent facial treatment in seconds. Innovative 90 seconds Smart Mask Treatment ensures a spa feeling every time. The T-Sonic Pulsations aid absorption of mask facial treatment.  Gentle heat relaxes, soothes and revitalises mind and body. As the UFO Mini gradually warms in Thermo Therapy Mode, it infuses active mask ingredients into the skin making them more effective in less time.

Use without mask for a face massage to firm skin and tighten pores.

Use with mask for a spa-worthy facial treatment.

3 Masks included with each Enzo UFO Mini.

4 colors available:

Yellow Brush - Collagen Mask

Pink Brush - Charcoal Mask

Purple Brush - Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Green Brush - Vitamin Mask

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