Electric Shock Lie Detector Game




Interrogate your friends and shock the liars with this cool game!
See if your friends and family are telling the truth or lying. This mini lie detector is a fun game to play with everyone, If you are telling the truth then no need to worry, just simply walk away but if you are lying be prepared for a shock.
How it works:
  1. Place your right hand on the finger slots making sure to touch the finger sensor directly.
  2. Press the reset button, keep your fingers steady and then press the "Analyzer" button. The device will then read your data and you are ready to be interrogated!
  3. After every question and answer click the "Analyzer" button, the lie detector will then measure if you have told a lie or the truth. If you lie the LED indicator will show the extent of your lie.
  4. If you have told the truth then simply just unstrap your hand and walk away BUT if you have lied then be prepared for a shock!
2 Shock Modes: Electric and Vibration
Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years.
Please note, may cause you pain but is not harmful to the body.

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