Electric Air Pump




  • Electric air pump has rechargeable battery, fully charging time is about 5 hours. Different from the general air pump, it can be used without plugging in, which provides a more convenient way for you. Be notice: (1)Please fully charge before use(2)The air pump can't use while charging.
  • Each electric air pump come with 3 nozzles of different size---S,M and L size. The S size nozzle suitable for small inflatable products, such as swimming ring, inflatable pillow, etc. The M size nozzle suitable for paddling pool, swimming pool and etc. The L size nozzle suitable for inflatable air mattress and other big inflatables. Notice: It can NOT be used for BALLOON, SUP or PADDLE BOARD.
  • This air pump can be charge by car USB port. You can also use adapter with interface ,such as mobile phone adapter, power bank, computer and so on. Caution: Please ensure the voltage is 5V USB interface when charging.
  • This battery pump is designed to be small, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Not only does it save storage space, it can also be easily taken to everywhere. Bring it, enjoy a wonderful trip !

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