Dr Rashel Gold Soothing Gel – 300g




Dr Rashel Gold Radiance & Anti-Aging Soothing Gel 99%

  • Hydrating nail essence for healthy nails.
  • Create a glowing look for a makeup primer.
  • Soothing effect for simulated skin.
  • Silky smooth for hair treatment.
  • Cooling eyes & moisturizing lips.
  • After shaving soothing Gel for Men.
  • Replenish moisture for the body.
  • Multi-Purpose Soothing Gel.


This is a luxurious gel that combined gold extract, It is rich in nutrients, can be deeply penetrated into the bottom of the skin to exert powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It also provides intense hydration and firming effect to your skin, makes it instantly full, moist and glossy, looks supple and healthy.

  • Increased Firmness And Elasticity
  • Improves Your Skin Vitality .
  • Gold Radiance & Anti-Aging Soothing Gel


Apply the product as needed by tapping gently onto the skin until absorbed. Can be used for face, arms, legs, hair and sensitive parts of the body.

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