Christmas Candles Sets


Size: Set of 4


Each candles aromatic contains 100% soy wax and burns for 25 - 30 hours. The lead-free organic cotton core helps the candle burn more completely, thus extending the burning time. Let your home be full of fresh aroma all day long. These aromatherapy candles do not emit smoke when they burn. Candles are a mixture of original ecological soy wax extracted from the original soybean and essential oil extracted from the natural plant. All sets come with an exquisite box, making it an ideal gift for Christmas. It can be used in many places such as office, party, yoga room, bathroom, etc. Scented Candles are packed in tin jars and decorated with beautiful artistic motifs. After complete combustion, these cans can be reused to store some of your objects or plant some succulent plants to decorate your home.

Sets of 4/8/12 each set comes in a gift box.

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