Burger Press Non Stick Aluminum Hamburger Patty Maker

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  • The burger maker lets you pack meat patties without using your warm hands, rather these non-sticky gadgets prevent the fat on your hands from breaking the perfect texture of the patty
  • Easy to clean, just use a wet wipe or put this masterpiece in your dishwasher for a tidy result
  • You love to make burgers on your own but are tired of those ugly looking sausage patties? Then add this hamburger press to your kitchen essential bucket for a perfectly round and dense patty of a balanced weight required by your sandwich
  • This slider press is made up of non-stick aluminum with nice ridges inside to give a ripple along with the stuff which is 11.5 cm/4.5 inches in size that makes the size of a quarter pounder
  • Introduce this burgers presser  into your kitchen life to enjoy a hassle-free homemade fast food experience. Simply put the mixed stuff in the burger patty maker and press down on the wooden handle of the tool and you are done!

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