Belik MMES Anti-Aging N1

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A multi-function device which combines cleansing, face lifting, firming skin, whitening and acne mark reduction. The five functions are combined to protect tender skin, and even the sensitive eye region can be used with confidence. it has a very small 3D sonic vibration technology that vibrates 18,000~20,000 times per minute. In addition to deep cleansing, improving skin problems, promoting nutrient absorption, it also gives people a deep feeling of bright and clear skin.
  • Ultra sonic deep cleansing helps thorough face cleansing, removing any residue on the face.
  • MMES30-60 stimulation improves lifting of the face muscles and skin improving collagen regeneration, skin elasticity, acne etc. Combine with the red medical light and blue medical light to help reduce pigmentation and light scaring.
  • Pair with any face masks, creams and any other skin care product for better absorption 
  • Innovated ultrasonic vibration technology, combined with a latex brush will effectively remove and dirt from your skin.
  • Medical red light improves collagen regeneration for the skin
  • Medical blue light eliminates the reactive oxygen in the skin that cause acne and reduces pigmentation such as dark spots.
  • 6 different level for lift modes for weak to strong
  • Recommendation: Use twice a week for 3-6 minutes each time
  • Made from titanium this product is tough, stable and corrosion resistant
  • Can also be used as a electric toothbrush

How to use

  1. Remove any make-up, wet the cleanser brush and face, then apply skin products.
  2. Clean your chin and under the face with the cleansing brush, gently move from the middle of your forehead to both sides, slide gently on the left and right of your nose, then clean your lowereye area and gently move it outwards.
  3. After 2 minutes, wash face with water 
  4. Wash the N1 brush and hang to air dry 

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