Baby Bottle Warmer


Color: Pink


Baby Bottle Warmer, this is so handy when you are out and about with baby to ensure you can heat their bottle when necessary.  Temperature setting can also keep the milk at a constant temperature until you have a convenient moment to feed baby.  Can also use at home with USB charger.

Material: PU leather + heating film + lining

Product features:

  1. Can be connected to mobile power, charging head, car USB use. 
  2. Adjustable circumference suitable for a variety of feeding bottles (width 55-80 mm). 
  3. Four layers of material, firmly lock the temperature in.

Available in Grey, Navy Blue or Pink.  Size is 11.5*3*17cm

Three-color light system works as follows:
1. The thermostat link power button yellow light is always on.
2. Long press 3S to turn on the blue light, the mid-range 70% output 55 degrees.
3. Press again Once the red light is on, the high-end 100% output is 65 degrees.
4. Press again and the green light is on, the low-end 40% outputs 45 degrees.
5. Long press for 3S to shut down and keep cycling. When the output stops, the output is 15%, and the frequency 3S sensor is open and Short circuit protection, heating element output open circuit and short circuit protection, 2.5A overcurrent protection.

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