Asfour Crystal Candlestick 641/2




Looking for that unique something that will really wow your friends and family? Here you will find that special unique gift.  Contemporary designs by innovative designers. 

Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box!

Size: 6.8*7.9cm

Asfour Crystal is a world-class leading company in the crystal industry with a great production record of premium crystals, elite lighting & decoration products. Made of the purist sand grains on Earth these crystal items are recognized around the world for their absolute purity and everlasting shine. Commitment to top quality for decades has empowered Asfour Crystal today to be the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of crystals, exporting to over 90 countries across the globe. Today, their top designers and craftsmen are fully dedicated to keeping Asfour Crystal, the No. 1 crystal brand worldwide, with endless new products and modern designs.

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