Aluminum Keychain Wolf Stick Ladies Self- defense Creative Wolf Stick


Color: Black


  • Impact amplifier 39 g with stable and clean workmanship, unique look and convinces with its simplicity
  • As a key fob, it is also used as a impact and pressure amplifier. For defense in emergency situations, one prefers to shoulders, ribs and wrists.
  • The rod is beautifully lightweight, easy to grip and sits comfortably in the hand. It impresses with its stable and clean workmanship like simplicity. Material: aluminium. 39 g. 14 cm long
  • Self-defense rod beautifully light and easy to grip, fits well in the hand. Emergency hammer made of sturdy metal gives the feeling of safety in dangerous situations, can be purchased without a weapon license
  • Sturdy 14 cm long as key ring with wave handle and sharp tip for self-defence in emergency situations. Pressure amplifier with key ring for the keyring, so it is always at hand.

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