5 Piece Disposable Compressed Towels 30*60 Expandable Thick Magic Towel Tablet Cloth




Made of plant fibres. Soft texture, refreshing texture, Biodegradable Towelettes hypoallergenic, and compostable, with no artificial or chemical scents Compressed Towels - Just add water!

Each expanding wipe is compressed into a mini size and has a separate package. Small size, light weight and small footprint, no need to carry large towels or heavy wet wipes in your wallet or backpack.

Put it in cold water or warm water for a few seconds. After contact with water, the extruded super absorbent wipes immediately expand into a completely lint-free wipe and quickly absorb moisture in 3 seconds. It will expand and become a towel.

Disposable yet reusable, thick material can be rinsed and re-used several times. Will not fall apart like other brands.

Size: 30cm*60cm

Pack of 5!

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