16L Air Pressure Sprayer Blue

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Material: Plastic
Usage: Garden
Size: 380x170x520 mm
Color: Blue
  • Fill liquid to the desired volume as marked on the bottle. Be sure not to exceed the maximum level of the sprayer and must leave suffident air space in bottle for pressurization.
  • Pressure pump - The super-large pressure pump can increase pressure quickly and increase working efficiency without fatigue.
  • Nozzle design - Equipped with four different spray heads, suitable spray heads can be selected under different situations, the operation is more convenient, more labor-saving, special materials, anti-corrosion, safe and reliable.
  • Boom clamp - The side of the sprayer is equipped with a spray bar clamp and a handle ring, and the spray bar and rocker can be stored after the operation.
     Switch can be locked - Press the switch, the red slider will push in to lock the switch, which is convenient for you to use.
  • Injection scale - The new PP PE material is used, which is non-toxic and odorless. The thickened bottle body can bear the weight of an adult. The bottle body is integrally molded with injection marks to clearly understand the water volume of the medicine box and the dilution ratio of pesticides.

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