Solar Fountain, Water Pump AS10A Round

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  • Automatically powered by solar energy and also comes with a battery.  Easy to move to different places of use.
  • Built-in battery and solar water pump with removable washable water pump, works when cloudy or when sunlight becomes weak.
  • Integrated water level monitoring system, when the basin is out of the water, it can stop working automatically.
  • Four different, easy to change spray heads.

Note:  If the pump runs out of power, the source may not work immediately. Please expose the pump to sunlight for about 2 hours.


  • Size: 160mm*3mm
  • Battery Power: 7V
  • 1.4W Solar Panel 
  • Pump Power: 0.5-0.85W
  • Maximum Flow Rate Pump Height: 150L / h
  • Maximum Pump Water Height: 30-55 cm
  • Pump Life Time: More Than 20000 Hours
  • Material: Epoxy Polysilicon
  • Pump Noise: < 38D

RESET: if there is no sunlight, you can restart in 3 seconds when the sun is out.
The water pump can be connected with nozzles of various shapes to spray different types of water.

Tips & Attention:
1. Make sure the solar panel is under bright sunlight and unlocked.
2. The water must be at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep and clean.
3. Clean the container and pump regularly. Too much dirt can block the pump.
4. Don't put the fountain under the sunlight without water for too long.

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