Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Device For iPhone

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Color: White
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Product Features:

  1. This product is small, exquisite and easy to carry. After connecting with other smart devices such as mobile phones, it can be widely used for anti-lost and searching of wallets, keys, briefcases, pets, gift boxes and other items.
  2. Intelligent anti-lost objects: automatically records the location of lost items. When the device is disconnected from the mobile phone, the software map will automatically record the location, find the location record through the map, and then when the effective range is reached, the device and the mobile phone will automatically reconnect. Then click Find buttons to easily retrieve lost items.
  3. Super power consumption and green environmental protection: using the new Bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption technology, a CR2032 button battery can last for 6 months.

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